Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How To Create Christmas Wedding Flowers

If you’d like to create your own Christmas wedding flowers, just follow these simple steps from our expert floral stylists in London to make your own simple tied bouquet.
Use choice roses (we used a bloom from Kenya) of both spray and standard varieties (as one softens the other), and gather in the hand with a selection of colours (we used orange, pink and red). Create a dome shape and then fasten the bouquet together with florist tape (going round the stems several times). Next, take some foliage (we used plain green skimmia) and frame the beautifully coloured wedding flowers. Once in place, cut another piece of tape and secure over the stems. Finally, use a ribbon in a colour that matches the roses, and tie it off (making sure all the tape is covered, neatly); secure with two pins (going through the ribbon and the stems). And, there you have it: the perfect Christmas flowers for a winter wedding.
This step-by-step guide of How to Create Christmas Wedding Flowers is perfect for wedding flower stylists or brides-to-be! If you’d like more wedding flower ideas, simply visit top wedding florist’s website which has a fantastic range of designs for you to take inspiration from!
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