Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Winter Bridal Flowers

If you need beautiful winter bridal flowers for your big day, then you’ll love these bridal bouquets that we’ve come up with.
  1. Cool water roses mixed with silver eucalyptus and eryngium give a real festive feel to wedding bouquets. Why not add some holly and berried ivy too, to really finish it off?
  2. Another great idea for winter wedding flowers is to include mistletoe in your design. Use this seasonal flower to decorate your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets for a real Christmassy look
  3. Representing purity and new beginnings, traditional ivory flowers (such as sweet-smelling white carnations and crisp white roses) are always a favourite with winter brides.
  4. A final suggestion is to add a variety of mixed berries and fruit to your bouquet. Little apples and hypercium berries can be mixed with classic red roses. Or, if you want a more aromatic bouquet, try adding one or two scented cinnamon sticks
Deciding on the perfect winter wedding flowers will always take careful thought and consideration. For brides married in London, contact a wedding florist to help you with your floral needs. They will provide expert knowledge on flowers and help you create a bouquet that perfectly complements your individual personality, style, colour scheme and wedding gown. For more information visit website.

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